We improve customer engagement

With TapRevu you can capture genuine reviews at the point of sale

Real customer reviews are very valuable to businesses.

Taprevu makes it very easy for your customers to share their experience and opinions with you.

Customers appreciate authenticity from brands, and using content that is created by “real people” is an effective way to create a more relatable marketing message.

Our review service makes it easy to get valuable insight into how your business is performing and will allow you the earliest opportunity of rectifying any negative feedback before it does any further damage to your reputation online.

Drives Online Traffic 24/7

Builds Customer Trust

Quick & Easy

Real Product Reviews

Uses Popular Technology

What does Taprevu accomplish?

The  Taprevu product provides our clients with a POS review system for their customers that can be completed effectively and accurately at the Point of Sales area or thereafter. 

Our product is unique, and is currently not on the market in the Ireland or UK.

We provide our clients with a branded web page unique to their business that will be easily opened on their customers mobile device using NFC (Near Field Communications technology, e.g. Apple pay, Google pay) and a small NFC tag at their point of sales.  

This leads your customer to a multiple-choice questionnaire and comments section on your Taprevu landing page. The customer feedback will be automatically emailed to clients for review. Additionally, your customers will be directed to your Google, or Facebook Reviews page upon completion to engage your audience and drive further engagement with your marketing channels.


No matter what you are trying to sell, one of the easiest ways to do so is by featuring great online product and service reviews. In fact, about 92% consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and 40% form their opinion by reading just one to three product reviews.

Below are just some of the benefits of having Taprevu in your business.


Customers are directed straight to your review page by a simple tap of their mobile device.


Greater volume of reviews.
Builds brand presence in local community.


Print out customer reviews, or all important statistics.


Increase traffic, likes and shares of your social media channels.


By having Point of Sales reviews, you can quickly contact unsatisfied customers.


More positive recommendations means more customers.


Customers can quickly access your review web page any time day or night.


Instant mail delivery of customer reviews straight to your email.


Contact us via email, phone or social media.

Leaving a review is very simple and requires no installed app, just an NFC enabled iPhone or Android.

Combining NFC and customer service concepts Taprevu allows for a quick delivery of feedback via a tick system and a series of questions. Once a customer decides to leave a review there are several options available to either route the review via Google or Facebook