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Customers expect businesses to respond to their reviews – and quickly.


As a Taprevu customer will i receive more positive reviews?

We believe you should have a significant increase in clients leaving reviews than without Taprevu. Having a BNT (Branded NFC Tag) on your premises beside your Point of Sales, will give you the opportunity to ask your clients to leave a review there and then.
Point of Sales reviews/recommendations are also more likely for the client to leave positive reviews/recommendations.

Do i need to install an App, have a power supply for the BNT, or anything else for this product to work on my premises?

NO! To all of the above

No App installation for you or your clients, and no need for power supply for the BNT (Branded NFC Tag)

What about negative reviews/recommendations?

From time to time a business is going to get negative feedback from customers .

With Taprevu, the questionnaire and comments section will deliver the exact reason for the poor review/recommendation in an automated email sent immediately after the client leaves their review/recommendation

With tailor made questions at the time of setup, this gives you the information required to engage with the client and help resolve their issues quickly

Can i choose the questions in the questionnaire?

YES! In fact we actively encourage our customers to choose their own questions, so that you get the information you need from your clients.

Why do reviews matter?

Statista says that there are 1.92 billion NFC enabled smartphones in use globally in 2018.

This number continues to grow and end users are more comfortable with the use of this technology. As an example android pay, Apple pay, bus rail and metro ticketing show acceptance of wider usage.

With this wider usage comes the availability of the TapRevu service allowing people to give instant reviews at the point of sale. The provision of these reviews is entirely led by the customer. They decide to make the review. Due to the simplicity of this technology end user engagement is more likely to get your business the feedback needed to grow.

Improved customer engagement whether in positive or negative feedback situations allows for the longer term improvement of the services you provide.


  • More than 6 in 10 consumers look to Google or facebook for reviews

  • More customers expect businesses to respond to their reviews — and quickly

  • Online reviews are getting shorter, social, more positive

When you’re on a phone, a short, 240-character tweet-sized review is just so much more doable. This partially explains why we’re seeing a decrease in review length.

Why does that matter?

When you make it hard for consumers to leave a review, they’ll tend to leave reviews only when they’re really fired up. Usually, this happens after a bad experience.
As it gets easier to leave reviews, you’ll get a less negatively skewed representation of the average customer experience. When it’s easier to leave a review, you’ll get more positive reviews.


4 biggest trends are Google Reviews, review response, positive reviews, and review length.

Our technology gives business customers an increased rate of positive reviews.

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