Tap into your customers' experience... now.

We’re making it easy for customers to leave reviews,  rate their experiences and share feedback.

The vision of the Taprevu product is to provide a POS review system for customers that can be completed effectively and accurately at the Point of Sales area.


This product is unique. We will be able to provide customers with a web page that can be opened using NFC (Near Field Communications technology, e.g. Apple pay, Google pay) and a small NFC tag at their point of sales, which leads to a multiple-choice questionnaire and comments section. This can be directly loaded onto their Facebook / Google Reviews page upon completion

What is the current problem(s) it will solve?

This will benefit our clients business as it provides a quick and easy solution to gathering more positive Facebook/Google reviews, without the need for the accessing of Facebook/Google directly and going to the review section after they leave the business point of sales.

How will it streamline or improve the current process or facilitate a new process?

By using the NFC facility currently available on all modern Smartphones, it is just a matter of tapping their phone on the supplied Branded NFC Tag (BNT), to which they will be redirected to a URL created by us, which will have a questionnaire of 5-10 questions that can be answered by simply tapping the appropriate rating they wish to give the business, this is also complimented by an additional comments section if the client wishes to leave further notes.

What is the product vision?

The vision of this technology is to give the business customers an increased rate of positive reviews via FaceBook /Google Reviews. This will include more analytics of the client’s purchases, times of business, expenditure, and about the service the business is providing, including how well their staff treat their clients.

What aspects are already in place? What needs to be added? 

The business customer will not need to put anything in place for this product to be used. All we will require from the business customer will be their help with the questions they want the questionnaire to include( we will already have a template of questions for the unique business in place, but if the business customer wishes to add their own unique questions it shall be adjusted), an email address for which we wish to contact the business customer and forward the results of the questionnaires completed by clients, and the URL of their Facebook /Google Reviews page.

What should the product be able to do (ie. functionality)?

The Branded NFC Tag (BNT) will be placed at the Point of Sales terminal, it does not require any power supply or connection of any type. It will be simply be a gateway to a custom URL,  customised by us for that specific business that contains a questionnaire to be completed by the client within a minute. This completed questionnaire will then lead to the business customers Facebook / Google page where in the completed comments section will automatically fill out the Facebook / Google review section.